Full-Traction Suspension

Full-Traction Suspension designs and manufactures lift kits and suspension systems and components that offer design innovation and absolute top quality. Our use of the latest versions of solid modeling computer-aided design software and years of experience in off-road racing and preparation, yields a product that is not only cutting edge in terms of design, but also in function.

Full-Traction Suspension products are tops in fit and finish, and are the most durable on the market. They’re also MADE IN THE USA. Simply stated—We feel our products are the best. Look for the Full-Traction Suspension logo as a mark of quality.



CRC-Link Conversion for Factory Axle


Full-Traction Suspension announces the release of its newest suspension innovation for the JEEP JK Wrangler, the new CRC Link (Constant Roll Center). It's Full-Traction's off road adaptation for the JEEP JK of the thoroughly proven Watts Link Design.

Nothing that has come along for the 2007-2017 Jeep JK Wrangler suspension system has been this innovative. The CRC Link works with all brands of aftermarket lifts to + 2.0-inches over stock height. It completely nullifies the constant high / low roll center debate by applying superior design to eliminate the problem. This system...

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